Vote For Me!

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Dunn, and I’m Dunn with the system! Puns aside, I’ve had a range of experiences, from being on the SGA Institutional Diversity Committee, to being co-President of Women of Color, that have given me a strong sense of the Middlebury Community and the issues that we’re facing.

There are two parts to my platform: the radical, and the practical. Radically, we must change the way that Middlebury operates. We need to openly address the power hierarchies that exist between white students and students of color, administrators and students, athletes and non-athletes, etc. We need to address the political divide between radical, liberal, conservative, and apathetic students. We need to start building a community that is inclusive of difference, not just conditionally tolerant of it. As SGA President I would address these issues head on and be an advocate for all students, especially those of marginalized groups.

But, realistically acknowledging the limits of student government, my platform will address these issues from a more practical standpoint as well. It is my goal to bring in perspectives and policies that build on legislation of the past while striving for a better future. We need programs like JusTalks, that focus on having community wide conversations across difference, to expand beyond the first year. We need to incorporate restorative justice into judicial processes, confront our unsafe party culture and it’s link to sexual violence, and build a greater sense of community by streamlining and encouraging collaboration between different clubs, teams, and student groups.

I know that the changes I am suggesting are idealistic and will be difficult to accomplish. I know that change at a place like Middlebury is difficult and slow moving. But I also know that nothing will change if no one tries, and that is something I promise to do.