The Practical

On Building Community

There are two aspects to community building that I want to focus on. The first involves working to expand JusTalks beyond first-years, so that community wide conversations about issues of class, gender, sexuality can expand beyond one year. Obviously this won’t be the end all be all of student conversations, but it’s an important start.

We will create an online platform through which students of different clubs and interests can see who wants to collaborate, possible collaboration topics, and what spaces and times people are available.

On Addressing Violence

We also want to conduct an optional student survey addressing the safeness of our campus, and compare the results to Public Safety’s annual Security and Fire Safety Report. The goal is to present the findings to the administration to push back against the idea that violence only occurs here infrequently, and lobby for measure that increase student safety, especially for women and gender non-conforming students, queer students, and students of color. We will push for greater transparency surrounding the process of reporting sexual assault, and work on addressing how dangerous party spaces at Middlebury can be.

We will create a student task force concerned with restorative justice and solicit input and participation from the student body. The conversation around restorative justice is happening currently, and could change certain aspects of the judicial/punitive process. The goal is to have an open door conversation that all students feel able to participate in if they choose.